The quality Leather watch Straps, made in our own workshop, that triumph throughout the world.

Why buy a Lorente Straps watch strap?

We are manufacturers, which allows us to offer you an incredible offer of designs and measurements in leather watch straps.

We make our watch straps only with the best European tanned leathers, a guarantee of quality and durability.

EcoFriendly leather watch straps, we comply with all European environmental regulations, we do not use glues or dyes with solvents or chemicals.



Watch straps with history…

In a beautiful region known as Spanish Tuscany, for its ancient culture and history, for its landscapes of orange trees, vineyards and streets that evoke another era, is our artisanal Leather Watch Straps workshop.

With a family history of 35 years making watch straps as in the past, by hand, for a large number of prestigious brands around the world.

Now, you can find and choose from all of our most emblematic designs, made with the best Spanish, Italian and French tanned leathers, with countless colors and sizes, and with the most luxurious and natural finishes.

Travel through our online store, and enjoy searching for your new Leather Watch Strap.
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A legendary watch strap that unites the world of motors and watchmaking like no other. ...
A Project that begins with all the enthusiasm to offer a deeper look at the world of watch...

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Most of the watch straps you will find in our catalog are unique creations, where one by one, each strap has been hand painted and polished to achieve that unique and unrepeatable effect.

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