About us

From de land of the historic Borgia family..

In a beautiful and little región knows as Spanish Tuscany, for its landscapes of orange trees and vineyards, for its streets and monuments, that evoke another Era, is the LorenteStraps artisan watchstraps workshop.

With fine and quality leathers tanned in Spain, France and Italy,  together in a handmade production manufactured in our own workshop, where we take of all the details, we achieve unique watchstraps, that´s what distinguishes us, this is  our history

Sometimes there are companies and products so closely linked to their creator that it is difficult to explain one of the two by itself.

I feel that this is my case, LorenteStraps in a certain way tells my story, my evolution as a person,  from adolescence, when I began to discover the world of watch straps in my father’s workshop, until today. A story always attached to leathers and watch straps.

It has been twenty-five years where, with many failures and some successes I learned this wonderful trade. Now with the perspective that the years give, everything makes sense, each of those failures were necessary, I would say essential, because from them I learned everything I know now.

That is why, on every watch strap there is a part of me, its design is the result of my evolution both personal and professional.


Miguel Angel Lorente
(CEO Founder)

«The possibility of fulfilling a dream is what makes life interesting ", we invite you to share this dream with us.

Our workshop in Valencia

Together with a team which I am proud and years of specialization, we design and produce handcrafted high quality watchstraps, in our own workshop located in Valencia.

We control all production processes, which starts with the tanning of the skin and ends with the last steps of production of our watch straps.

Trabajamos exclusivamente con pieles Top Grain de máxima calidad, y todas las pieles se curten siguiendo los máximos controles de calidad acordes con la legislación CEE.

Top Grain leather VS. Split hides

When a cow is slaughtered, the skin is removed in one layer. Later at the tannery, the outer layer of skin is separated from the layers of skin. This outer layer of skin is referred to as the “Top Grain”, and the other layers of skin are referred to as “Split Hides”.

The top grain is best suited to upholstery because it is the strongest and most durable part of the hide. In fact, top grain becomes more supple over the years and obtains a soft patina. If properly cared for, top grain leather upholstery should last indefinitely.

The Split hides are coarser and stiffer and tend to crack more easily, the advantages to a manufacturer to use hides are the cheaper Price of Split hides per square foot.

Obviously, the advantage of using Split hides is the substantial savings in the cost of the leather, however, that savings is directly responsable for the por quality of the final product.

LorenteStraps only use Top Grain leather in all designs, it´s our goal.

We make sure to follow all the tanning leathers European environmental standars, and any other materials used in our production, respect to the normative REACH and certificate CITES.


For the back of our straps, also called Lining, and which is in contact with the customer’s skin, we use only non-allergic leathers, tanned in a very natural way and with high resistance to sweat.

At the same time, our experience and research developing these linings, has allowed us to achieve watch straps of great strength and durability, watch straps that do not break, do not fade, and adapt to the wrist of our customers as a soft glove.


Many of the designs you will find in our catalog are unique creations, where one by one, each strap has been painted and polished by hand to achieve that unique and unrepeatable effect.


Our objectvis customer satisfaction, we have strict controls at every step of production, and when the watch straps are finished, we re-check all the details piece by piece, if a part does not meet the quality requirements, is discarded and destroyed.






ARTESANO MIRELLA blanco y negro


maica blanco y negro