This Cookies Policy sets out the basis on which we, Lorente Straps SL, use cookies and similar technologies on our website, (our website). We may update this Cookies Policy from time to time in order to keep you fully informed about our latest practices involving cookies and similar information-gathering technologies on our website. You should check this Cookies Policy each time you visit our website in order to find out whether our use of cookies and similar technologies has changed. This Cookies Policy is effective from 08-04-2020. We recommend that you print a copy of this Cookies Policy for your records.



  • About cookies
  • Types of cookies used
  • Essential cookies
  • Functional cookies
  • Analytical or performance cookies
  • Targeting cookies
  • Third party cookies
  • Web beacons
  • How to accept or reject cookies
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About cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files sent by a website’s server to a web browser, processor memory or hard drive and stored there. They can be used for a range of different purposes, such as customising a website for a particular user, helping a user navigate a website, improving that user’s website experience, and storing that user’s preferences and login information.


Cookies can be classified as either ‘session’ or ‘persistent’ cookies. Session cookies are placed on your browser when you access a website and last for as long as you keep your browser open. They expire when you close your browser. Persistent cookies are placed on your computer when you access a website and expire at a fixed point in time or if you manually delete them from your browser, whichever occurs first. Cookies will be set either by our website domain or by third party domains on our behalf. Cookies set by us on our website domain are referred to as ‘first party’ cookies. Cookies set by third party domains or set on or via our website domain on behalf of third parties are referred to as ‘third party’ cookies. Cookies do not usually contain personal information. Cookies may, however, be used in combination with other information to identify you. We use first party and third party cookies on our website, and both session and persistent cookies. If you require further information about cookies in general, please visit


Types of cookies used

We use the following types of cookies on our website:

Essential cookies

These are cookies which are necessary in order for us to run our website and its essential functions. We use essential cookies for the following purposes on our website:

  • To administer our website.
  • To ensure our website functions properly when you interact with it.
  • For storing information about your shopping cart and the items you have placed in it.
  • For processing payments for goods and services you purchase on or via our website.
  • For logging into password protected areas or accessing other secure areas of our website.
  • For remembering the users chosen currency preference for displaying prices on the website.

Functional cookies

These are cookies that store information about your preferences and your previous interactions with our website, and recognise you whenever you return to a website, in order to improve your website experience and personalise it for you. We use functional cookies for the following purposes on our website:

  • To recognise you when you return to our website.
  • To improve your experience of our website.
  • To recognise whether you have accepted the use of cookies on our website.
  • To recognise the type of browsing device you are using, including your browser and browser settings, for the purpose of displaying our website to you in an appropriate format.
  • Tor the purpose of providing our live chat service.
  • To recognise when you comment on our blog.

Analytical or performance cookies

Analytical cookies track and gather data about what a user does on a website. We use analytical cookies for the following purposes on our website:

  • To analyse users’ access to and use of our website and its features.


Targeting cookies


Targeting cookies record information about your visit to and use of our website, for advertising purposes. We use the targeting cookies for the following purposes on our website:

  • To track whether you have come to us via an advertisement we have placed on a search engine results page or another website and to record information relating to how you came to us such as your geographical location when you accessed our website, the time of day you visited and the device you were using.
Cookies propias
Entidad que utiliza las cookiesCookiesPropósitoPeriodo de conservación
El propietario de esta webC. de entrada del usuario C. de sesión de autenticación o identificación del usuario C. de seguridad del usuario C. de sesión de reproductor multimedia C. de sesión para equilibrar la carga C. de personalización de la interfaz de usuario C. de complemento (plug-in) para compartir e intercambiar contenidos sociales (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp y LinkedIn).Sirven para ofrecer servicios o recordar configuraciones para mejorar su experiencia de navegación en nuestro sitio web.365 días
Cookies de terceros
Entidad que utiliza las cookiesPropósitoMás información
Google AnalyticsRecoger información sobre la navegación de los usuarios por el sitio con el fin de conocer el origen de las visitas y otros datos similares a nivel estadístico. Google AnalyticsCentro de privacidad de Google

Web beacons

We and any marketing companies we use also embed web beacons in our marketing emails and on our website. Web beacons are small GIF image files which enable us to track your receipt of our marketing emails, how often you view our adverts or website pages, your location, IP address and browser information. Web beacons are activated whenever you open a marketing email or access a page on our website which contains a web beacon. Web beacons transmit data when you view them but are not capable of accessing any other information on your computer. Web beacons are not stored on your hard drive unless you download a GIF image containing them. Some (but not all) browsers enable you to restrict the use of web beacons by either preventing them from sending information back to their source (for example, when you choose browser settings that block cookies and trackers), or by not accessing the images containing them (for example, if you select a ‘do not display images (in emails)’ setting in your email server).

How to accept or reject cookies

The easiest way to accept or reject some or all cookies used by a website is to adjust your browser settings. If you do not know how to do this, the links below set out information about how to change your browser settings for some of the most commonly used web browsers:


Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Apple Safari:


Some browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, allow you to change your settings to browse in ‘incognito’ mode, limiting the amount of data placed on your machine and automatically deleting any persistent cookies placed on your device when you finish your browsing session. There are also third party applications which you can add to your browser to block or manage cookies. You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by visiting

You are welcome to block the use of some or all of the cookies we use on our website. However, please be aware that doing so may impair our website and its functionality or may even render some or all of it unusable. You can find more detailed information about cookies and adjusting your browser settings by visiting


Existing cookies

To clear cookies that have previously been placed on your browser, you should select the option to clear your browsing history and ensure that the option to delete or clear cookies is included when you do so.


Copyright, credit and logo

This Cookies Policy is based on a template provided by GDPR Privacy Policy. For further information, please visit

The copyright in this Cookies Policy is either owned by, or licensed to, us and is protected by copyright laws around the world and copyright protection software. All intellectual property rights in this document are reserved. Where we display the GDPR Privacy Policy logo on our website, this is used to indicate that we have adopted a privacy policy template provided by GDPR Privacy Policy as the basis for this Privacy Policy.