Textured Bugui genuine leather Padded watch strap – Dark brown

The 201 series of watch straps is characterized by its flexibility and quality, and also by its wide variety of colors and measurements to choose from to dress your watches.


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The 201 series is characterized by a padded construction and at the same time classic finished, we have created this collection with a wide variety of colors and measurements that allow you to find the best option to dress your watch, for this we have used a Top Grain Calf of the highest quality tanned in Spain and with a slight engraving that is usually called Bugui, along with all this we have also achieved a very flexible and comfortable strap to wear on your wrist.


Bugui engraved Top Grain leather tanned in Spain. 

Anti-sweat Top Grain leather lining tanned in Spain. 

Stainless steel buckle.

Strap taper:

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Determining strap size

The size of our straps are determined by the distance between the lugs of your watch. Luckly, finding that number is easy. And you don´t need to bring your watch to a watchmaker to figure that number out.