Racing1970 Collection


A legendary watch strap that unites the world of motors and watchmaking like no other.

70s… the motor world shines brighter than ever, automobile racing grows and so do its followers… Watch brands create sports designs that accompany this trend, and some of the most legendary watches in the history of the watch emerge. watchmaking.

One of them is the legendary TISSOT PR516GL, with its characteristic ultra-sporty dial and which was accompanied by a watch strap with three holes similar to sports steering wheels.

A watch strap that has become part of the history of watchmaking.

At LorenteStraps we put this legendary design at your disposal, in Italian Pull leather, an exceptional cowhide vegetable tanned with natural oils, but also once the watch strap is made, we polish it by hand to increase its aged look.

A strap designed with every detail, from its holes that progressively decrease, to its French threading, that will make your watch look more sporty and elegant than ever.

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