Textured Espiga genuine Leather watch strap – Blue

The 202 Espiga collection was born as a result of the close relationship we have with the world of leather, unique style to be different and better, a recreation of those designs that triumphed in the 80s with geometric engravings.


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The 202 Espiga series stands out and shines on its own, transforming any watch you wear.

We have created this collection to recall the geometric engraved designs of the 80s, for this we have used top quality Top Grain cowhide leather tanned in Spain, with a slight aged waxed touch and at the same time with a heat-engraved pattern, and as in all our designs, their construction is very flexible and comfortable, easy to fasten and wear on your wrist.


Top Grain leather tanned in Spain, geometric heat embossed and waxed finish.

Top Grain leather lining tanned in Spain and anti-sweat.

Stainless steel buckle.

Strap taper:

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The size of our straps are determined by the distance between the lugs of your watch. Luckly, finding that number is easy. And you don´t need to bring your watch to a watchmaker to figure that number out.